DesignArt Networks stated that two of its customers are in field trials and initial service deployments with single-chip LTE base station equipment – a clear lead in LTE small cell SoCs.

With competing SoC-based LTE small cell products due for availability at least one year in the future, DesignArt Networks’ DAN3400 SoC platform enables vendors to eclipse their competition with a substantial time-to-market advantage – ready to establish industry benchmarks in key LTE operator trials in 2012.

DesignArt Networks also stated that its vendors have started in-service deployments of compact, all-outdoor LTE base stations – a high-capacity use case of the DAN3400 SoC in single-box base station equipment with high RF output power – used for very cost-effective micro and macro cell deployments.

“As operators increase LTE cell density, many new physical cell sites need to be developed. Ultra-compact, single-box LTE equipment with the lowest possible power consumption is going to be the only relevant equipment form factor at that time,” said Joachim Hallwachs, VP Marketing of DesignArt Networks. “The DAN3400 SoC platform is generally available and enables single-chip LTE base stations with class-leading performance. With current vendor equipment in the market, we are ready to set the bar for high-capacity LTE deployments well ahead of our competition.”