Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) and PureWave Networks Inc., an innovative provider of advanced, cost-effective 4G wireless base stations, announced their collaboration on PureWave’s newly announced PureWave Constellation, a family of LTE small cell base stations, designed to handle up to 1 Gbps of data traffic with unmatched ease. With TI’s KeyStone-based wireless infrastructure System-on-Chips (SoCs), including production quality 3GPP compliant LTE PHY software, PureWave Networks is able to more easily design high performance small cell outdoor base stations, at a lower cost, lower power, and in less time than with competing solutions. For more information please visit www.ti.com/multicore or www.pwnets.com.

“PureWave Constellation is a family of advanced, outdoor small cell base stations which will ultimately be capable of delivering up to 1 Gbps of LTE traffic. When selecting an SoC for such an ambitious platform, we looked for a field-proven vendor that could help us meet our challenging requirements of higher performance and quicker time-to-market, as well as give us the flexibility to differentiate our product offerings,” said Dan Picker, CTO, PureWave Networks. “We found that true roadmap partner in TI and its powerful KeyStone multicore architecture and will be using the architecture to its absolute full potential.”

The KeyStone-based wireless infrastructure SoCs leverage TI’s broad resources to bring the most comprehensive portfolio of processing, software and complementary support devicesto PureWave Networks. The devices are powered by production quality 3GPP compliant LTE PHY software, based on TI’s field-proven wireless application specific libraries. They also include a full portfolio of complementary analog products such as data converters, RF products, clocks, amplifiers, SWIFT™ DC/DC high-density converters and other power management products, which complete the integrated solution for small cell developers, reducing system cost and development time.

The SoCs’ processing elements include TI fixed- and floating-point TMS320C66x digital signal processor (DSP) generation cores, as well as power efficient ARM® Cortex™ RISC cores, offering PureWave Networks increased capacity and high performance at half the power consumption of traditional RISC cores. Integrating TI’s field-proven KeyStone architecture elements for layers 2, 3 and transport processing with software components, optimizes design efficiencies and enables PureWave to develop more cost-efficient base stations. The remaining base station functions, including all baseband and packet processing, are handled by the DSP cores coupled with configurable wireless, network and security coprocessors.

“We are very excited to be collaborating with PureWave Networks on their innovative PureWave Constellation family of small cell products,” said Sandeep Kumar, business manager, wireless base station infrastructure, Texas Instruments. “PureWave is certainly generating buzz in this fast growing market and, by incorporating silicon and production-grade software from TI and its partners, we look forward to seeing their small cell base stations deployed in the field quickly.”