DesignArt Networks announced the availability of its Unified Mobile Backhaul (UMB) software pack for gigabit+ wireless backhaul applications, suitable for all layers of the heterogeneous mobile radio access network (HetNet) evolution. Together with the software the company released a complete UMB evaluation kit and reference design.

Operators have attempted to deploy wireless base stations in layers of small cells mounted on lamp poles, traffic lights, or inside walls in order to deal with the mobile data explosion. What operators now need are flexible, low-cost, and high-capacity wireless backhaul options in order to cost-effectively deploy layers of small cells, as otherwise they have little business justification to do so.

DesignArt’s comprehensive small cell backhaul solution combines two low-cost options in a single-SoC development platform – multi-hop NLOS backhaul in sub-6 GHz spectrum and short-range LOS backhaul in unlicensed millimeter wave spectrum (E-band).

Each band has different physical attributes and characteristics, making it uniquely suitable for specific deployment scenarios at the small cell layer. In both cases, equipment vendors have the choice of using off-the-shelf components, driving equipment costs down.

“DesignArt Networks is announcing a full-duplex, multi-carrier, gigabit+ backhaul software solution for DAN3200 and DAN3400 SoCs, able to operate in any spectrum or topology, leveraging the unmatched performance and software programmability of our DAN3000 SoC platform,” said Assaf Touboul, CTO of DesignArt Networks.

DesignArt’s gigabit+ Unified Mobile Backhaul software pack complements the company’s recently announced DAN3200 and DAN3400 SoCs.