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Solutions for GNSS Receiver Testing

This application note is designed to help you get insight into solving tough measurement problems in a unique way for both the design and manufacturing environments by explaining how to use simulated satellite signals to quickly and accurately verify GNSS receiver operation.


The successful proliferation of GNSS receiv­ers worldwide requires today’s engineers to effectively test GNSS receivers with multi-GNSS signals. A real-time GNSS simulator like the N7609B, with its flexibility, func­tionality and performance is well suited to address this task. Combined with the power of an EXG/MXG X-Series signal generator, it provides the real-time simulation of GPS, GLONASS and Galileo L1/E1 signals that is so critical to quickly and accurately testing today’s GNSS receivers.

Introduction to Radar System

This White Paper provides a general overview of different military and commercial radar systems. It also covers some typical measurements on such systems and their components.