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Reliant Switch

March 26, 2014

ReliantSwitchTMThe Reliant SwitchTM is a 1×6 bidirectional coaxial switch with an operating frequency from DC to 26.5 GHz, which covers the typical 6 GHz test range and beyond for high-speed testing. This switch is designed with a high isolation of 100 dB (up to 4 GHz) to maintain RF consistency between port-to-port testing and can sustain a guaranteed insertion loss repeatability of 0.03 dB across the entire frequency band.

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Low PIM Coaxial Switches with N-Type Connectors

January 31, 2013


This series of low PIM switches is now available with N-type connectors (in addition to SMA connectors). SPDT, DPDT and SP6T with SMA or N-type connectors are available, which are specifically designed and guaranteed to meet 3rd order IM requirements below -160 dBc; at 1870 MHz and at approximately +43 dBm with carrier frequencies 1930 MHz and 1990 MHz.

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Subminiature Broadband Coaxial Switches for VXI Applications

November 1, 2003
In recent years the VXIbus architecture has proven to be a versatile interface standard for instruments from many diverse manufacturers to operate within the same mainframe. The VXIbus incorporates the user-friendly features of instruments designed to operate within the General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) (for example, using ASCII-level programming)...
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Internally Terminated 12-throw Electromechanical Switches for Matrix Applications

Presentation of a single-pole 12-throw internally terminated electromechanical switch that forms the basis for a line of N x 12 switch matrix assemblies
July 1, 2002
Electromechanical distribution systems (switch matrices) are used in both commercial applications and military systems. Computer control of these switch matrices facilitates their use in automated testing and in those systems requiring remote control of switching functions. The newest product in Dow-Key's line of electromechanical switches is a single-pole 12-throw...
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CANbus-controlled Switch Matrices

A series of electromechanical switch matrices developed based on the Controller Area Network
September 1, 2000
PRODUCT FEATURE CANbus-controlled Switch Matrices Dow-Key Microwave Corp. Ventura, CA C oaxial electromechanical switch matrices are common in complex test equipment used in testing multiport devices and subsystems. Electronic control of conventional switch matrices is based on standard interface buses, such as RS-232, RS-422 and the general-purpose interface bus...
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Smart Switches with a CAN Serial Communication Bus

Electromechanical switches for test equipment applications where fast system integration and system flexibility to modify and extend the switch layout are required are featured on this month's cover
February 1, 2000
Smart Switches with a CAN Serial Communication Bus Dow-Key Microwave Corp. Ventura, CA A new series of electromechanical switches has been developed that is targeted specifically at test equipment applications where fast system integration and system flexibility for modifying and extending switch layout are required. The unique switches are...
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A Miniature SPDT Switch for Hi-rel Space Applications

A single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) elctromechanical switch that provides a long awaitedsolution for miniaturizing space equipment
January 1, 1999
A Miniature SPDT Switch for Hi-rel Space Applications Dow-Key Microwave Corp. Ventura, CA The trend toward component miniaturization is not new; it has already become prevalent in the commercial industry, especially in the wireless sector. However, the space industry is more conservative and, although there is good reason to...
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A Multiposition Backup Switch

A DC to 3 GHz multiposition backup switch that features mechanically linked indicator circuits, TTL control, an immersion seal and multiple control circuit interfaces
July 1, 1998
A Multiposition Backup Switch Dow-Key Microwave Corp. Ventura, CA Today's high power RF communication systems often consist of multiple parallel amplifier stages to achieve high power and reliability. The use of RF transfer relays to provide automatic backup for a failed amplifier stage, as shown in Figure 1 ,...
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