NEC Corp., a provider of microwave and next generation transport solutions, has launched a new wireless and photonic solution for convergent mobile backhaul. Designed to bring the benefits of WDM technology to legacy and Ethernet transport equipment, the solution features the company’s smart microwave aggregation node (PASOLINK NEO iP) and Transmode’s TM-Series Metro WDM systems connected by a colored fiber connection. The solution allows Microwave and WDM to connect in a cost effective way anywhere in the transport network and offers 'management system integration'.

The new solution, managed by NEC’s integrated Network Management System, brings ‘lambda multiplexing’ technology into every part of the backhaul, allowing substantial capacity for wireless broadband networks from base station to core. Using Transmode’s Intelligent WDM (iWDM™) and NEC’s multiservice aggregation technology, traffic from many base stations can be aggregated on a packet basis by PASOLINK NEO iP, and multiplexed on a per wavelength basis by the TM-Series using a single fiber.

NEC Corp. and Transmode developed the solution to integrate both companies’ equipment and ensure the end-to-end continuity of NEC’s transport proposition. Integration has demonstrated that Transmode’s TM-Series and NEC’s Aggregation Switch operate smoothly together, enabling the combination of packet and optical transport. Over 1,000 PASOLINK NEO customers will be able to benefit from this new solution.