To acknowledge the high standard of papers presented at European Microwave Week each of the four conferences award Best Paper Prizes. The details of the authors together with a PDF of their winning papers follow:

The European Microwave Conference

The EuMC Best Paper Prize of €5,000 was awarded for the paper titled, "Extending Functionalities of Waveguide Slot Antennas by Means of Reconfigurable Aperture," authored by Yevhen Yashchyshyn, Krzysztof Derzakowski and Józef Modelski.

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EADS sponsored two EuMC Young Engineer Prizes of €2,000 each, which were awarded to a young engineer or researcher who presented an outstanding paper at the conference. The papers were:

"A Novel Class of Compact Dual-mode Rectangular Waveguide Filters Using Square Ridge Resonators" by Simone Bastioli, Luca Marcaccioli and Roberto Sorrentino.

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"Investigation of the Hot Embossing Technology for Low-Cost Antennas Printed on Polymer Substrates" by Andreas Kilian, Jochen Weinzierl and Lorenz-Peter Schmidt.

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The European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference

The EuMIC Best Paper Prize of €3,000 went to Erik Öjefors and Ullrich Pfeiffer for their paper titled, "A 94 GHz Monolithic Front-End for Imaging Arrays in SiGe:C Technology."

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The paper, "120 GHz Band Low Noise Amplifier with 14 ps Group Delay Variation for 10-Gbit/s Data Transmission" by Hiroyuki Takahashi, Toshihiko Kosugi, Akihiko Hirata, Koichi Murata and Naoya Kukutsu was the winner of the €2,000 EuMIC Young Engineer Prize.

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European Wireless Technology Conference

The EuWiT Best Paper Prize of €3,000 was awarded for, "Wireless Interconnect Between On-chip and LTCC Antennas for System-in-package Applications" authored by A. Shamim, M. Arsalan and L. Roy.

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The €2,000 EuWiT Young Engineer Prize recognised the paper titled, "Measuring System Efficiency in Multi-mode PA Modules for Mobile Phones" by Paul N. Whatmough, Brian J. Minnis and Paul A. Moore.

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The European Radar Conference

The EuMA EuRaD Radar Prize and Young Engineer Prize, both sponsored by Raytheon, were presented. The EuRAD Radar Prize of €3,000 for the paper that best advances the state-of-the-art in radar went to, "Performance of Reiterated LMMSE Filtering and Coded Radar Waveforms" by Mayazzurra Ruggiano, Emiel Stolp and Piet van Genderen.

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The EuRAD Young Engineer Prize of €2,000 was awarded to a young engineer or researcher who has presented an outstanding paper at the conference. The paper was, "Indirect Holographic Imaging at 310 GHz" by Aleksi Tamminen, Juha Ala-Laurinaho and Antti V. Räisänen.

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Interactive Poster Session

A new innovation to EuMW 2008 was the Innovative Demonstration Prize of €1,000, sponsored by Thales Nederland and awarded jointly by the EuMC and EuRAD to the best presentation at the Interactive Poster Session. It went to, "Detection and Tracking of Moving or Trapped People Hidden by Obstacles using Ultra-wideband Pseudo-noise Radar" by J. Sachs, M. Aftanas, S. Crabbe, M. Drutarovský, R. Klukas, D. Kocur, T.T. Nguyen, P. Peyerl, J. Rovnáková and E. Zaikov.