ANADIGICS Inc. announced that the company is delivering HELP2™ PAs to LG Electronics for its new 3G Vu™ mobile device currently available through AT&T.

The LG Vu is one of the first touch screen devices to support AT&T Mobile TV, allowing users to view live streaming TV shows right in the palm of their hand on a 3” display. The ultra slim design of the Vu offers a 2.0 megapixel camera with zoom, music player, messaging, mobile e-mail and web browsing abilities. This 3G handset brings mobile handsets to the next level by delivering significantly longer talk time by utilizing the power-saving features of ANADIGICS HELP2 technology.

“ANADIGICS is pleased to share the excitement of next generation technology with LG Electronics as we continue to aid in their development of new products enabled by our PAs,” said Ali Khatibzadeh, senior vice president and general manager of Wireless Business at ANADIGICS. “Our HELP2 power amplifiers consume significantly less battery power allowing users longer talk time on a feature-rich mobile device like the Vu.”

ANADIGICS’ HELP2 family of power amplifiers delivers low quiescent current and significantly greater efficiencies at power levels where the phone operates most of the time and consumes up to 50 percent less battery power than conventional 2-state power amplifiers over the full range of powers in modern wireless networks. HELP2 products include a built-in voltage regulator that eliminates the need for an external reference voltage and associated switches in the phone design.