Recognizing Taiwan as a key region in the wireless value chain, LitePoint is creating a ‘center for wireless excellence’ in the Neihu district of Taipei.

The decision to establish the center was taken in recognition that many Taiwanese companies are now developing and manufacturing WiFi MIMO-based devices, and developing WiMAX Wave 2-based devices. WiFi and WiMAX MIMO add to the complexity of device development and manufacturing testing, making real-time support an important success factor in wireless test and product assurance and wireless devices must meet strict standards specifications. Therefore, test procedures and accuracy are crucial factors in testing end results. LitePoint’s application engineers are experienced in wireless technologies, testing requirements, process integration and test programs.

Luc Schoups, LitePoint senior VP of worldwide sales, stated, "LitePoint’s focus and test-system solutions are wireless, and we’ve carved out a leadership position in Taiwan, a hotbed of wireless development and manufacturing. In the wireless market, one day late may be one day too long. Having the responsiveness and expertise, our Taipei office can provide adds to our customers’ successes."