TRAK Microwave, a Smiths Interconnect business, and University of South Florida (USF), College of Electrical Engineering, have jointly won a full matching grant from the Florida High Technology Corridor program (

The grant sponsors research programs aimed at “Measuring and Modeling of Phase Noise Conversion in Amplifiers and Frequency Multipliers.” This is the second phase of the project started several years ago to advance the test, measurement and modeling relationships between 1/f noise and phase noise conversion in active microwave and millimeter-wave circuits.

TRAK, as a principle supplier of complex integrated microwave assemblies and co-sponsor of the research project, plans to use the new capabilities being developed to enhance the performance and reduce design time of high data rate communication and radar system modules for industrial and government applications. TRAK and USF are strategically located in Tampa, where many of Florida’s high technology companies reside.