Applied Wave Research Inc. (AWR®) announced the completion and release of a Microwave Office® 2007 design software simulation library that features NXP Semiconductor’s sixth-generation laterally-diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) devices.

The simulation library provides power amplifier (PA) and base station design engineers, as well as designers of worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) and wireless broadcasting equipment with AWR- and NXP-proven large signal circuit simulation models.

“In order to meet the demanding power efficiency and linearity specifications of modern communication systems, the PA design engineer requires accurate device models and fast and efficient simulation tools,” said Ronald Wilting, international product marketing manager at NXP Semiconductor. “NXP has met the technical challenge to develop such models for their silicon RF LDMOS technology and now designers using AWR’s Microwave Office software benefit by also being able to examine the performance of these packaged NXP devices as part of their design flow. This results in better PA design topologies, confident component selections and shorter design cycles.”“NXP is a global leader of semiconductor solutions and its silicon RF LDMOS technology delivers unprecedented performance,” said Chris Paris, AWR director of European operations. “We are pleased to work with them in the development of this simulation library. The combination of the Microwave Office design platform with NXP’s LDMOS large signal device model library results in an even higher quality design solution that greatly benefits the customers of both companies.”

NXP device models are available now and contain, for the first time, LDMOS devices from the WiMAX product portfolio. For active, licensed customers of AWR’s Microwave Office, the NXP LDMOS process technology simulation library is free. The library can be obtained by contacting NXP directly at: