Applied Wave Research Inc. (AWR®), El Segundo, CA, and Shanghai Research Institute of Microelectronics (SHRIME), Peking University, China, announced that AWR is donating its entire suite of radio-frequency (RF) design software in a collaborative effort to advance Peking University's high frequency design curriculum. The donation is the first step in a long-term program that will establish a joint RF design and research laboratory at the university's research institute. The laboratory will spearhead high frequency research projects in Shanghai and develop unified process design kits (PDK) and value-added RF intellectual property (IP) for key foundry processes in China.

"With over one billion potential subscribers and virtually no wireline infrastructure, wireless voice and data equipment will be the primary vehicle for China's escalating communication needs," said James Spoto, AWR president and CEO. "AWR is excited to be involved from the ground up to help establish and grow Chinese research and development capabilities in the area of high frequency communications design."

"The exploding wireless communications market in China is placing many new challenges on our high frequency design engineering community to bring to market cutting-edge products that meet our country's needs not only today, but into the future," said YangYuan Wang, founder of SHRIME. "The donation of AWR's software and our partnership to establish a high frequency design laboratory at the University will help foster the learning and development necessary to meet market demand in China."

"AWR is one of the leading developers in the world for RF IC design tools," said Yuhua Cheng, dean of SHRIME. "The flexible and unique features of AWR's design environment enable our engineers to handle circuit simulation and verification at both block and system level."