Rugged Connectors for Harsh Environments

Amphenol® RF has developed a new line of rugged connectors (ARC) for trans- portation, military, mining and con- struction, public safety, wireless, smart energy, industrial control and other outdoor harsh en- vironment applications. The ARC line of rug- ged connectors is IP67-rated in both mated and unmated conditions. These connectors are designed to withstand extreme conditions in harsh environments where they will be sub- ject to intense shock, vibration and heavy me- chanical loads. Amphenol RF strengthened the plating of the new ARC line connectors for increased mating cycles and improved chemi- cal resistance. The addition of seals and an improved geometry design has made the new ARC line submersion resistance beyond the level of IP-67 per IEC 529. The line’s superior design and manufacturing techniques allow these cable jacks and plugs to be fully submersible and impenetrable to fluids in mated and unmated conditions, even when subjected to extreme changes in temperature and humid- ity. The ARC line is engineered to reduce the total cost of ownership of outdoor installation maintenance.

The ARC line utilizes a single-piece body design in Amphenol’s straight connectors in- stead of conventional, multi-piece modular de- signs. This provides for greater load capability and mechanical shock survival. The environ- mental specifications are shown in Table 1.

Table 1

Table 2

The ARC line is available in TNC and Type N cable interfaces with standard and reverse polarity options (electrical performance is shown in Table 2). Cable jacks and plugs are available in straight, right angle and bulkhead configura- tions to fit to various outdoor installation requirements. Since the ARC line’s introduction in June 2012, Amphenol RF has been enhancing its product offering by including more cable groups to the product lineup.

To complement the connector line, Amphenol RF of- fers ruggedized cable assemblies with various integrated armor to limit the effects of abrasion and impact. Conduit style armor is available to aid with chemical resistance.

Amphenol RF will be expanding its ARC line in the upcoming months to include IP-67 rated PCB jacks and between series adapters.

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