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Tahoe RF licenses latest GNSS technology from Stanford University

Tahoe RF Semiconductor announces that it has licensed the latest GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology from Stanford University for the development of their next generation low-power, low-cost universal GNSS IC. The technology employs unique RF subsampling techniques that enable the receiver to support all the GNSS bands and be implemented on a single RF CMOS IC Technology

“Tahoe RF continues to advance its leadership role in the development of the next generation GNSS technology. Tahoe RF has a long proven track record of supplying advanced high precision GNSS solutions. By licensing this technology from Stanford University, Tahoe RF will extend its leadership in the low-cost low-power high volume GNSS marketplace,” says Irshad Rasheed, CEO/President of Tahoe RF.  

The company intends to work with a select few advanced customers to develop low cost universal GNSS RF frontend ICs that will provide significant price point advantage over the current existing solutions.

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