Elcom’s UFS‑18 low phase noise, coherent frequency synthesizer can now provide wideband coherent chirp waveforms at frequencies up to 18 GHz. Modulation bandwidth of ±100 MHz is possible. Other complex modulation scenarios can also be generated. An IQ modulator capable of operating at a fixed frequency LO of 3 GHz and a baseband arbitrary AWG with IQ outputs is also required. IQ modulators and AWG’s are commercially available from multiple vendors. With the new Wideband IF Option 113A, any baseband waveform whose spectrum is within DC to ±100 MHz will appear with high accuracy as modulation on the synthesizer’s carrier frequency. All existing UFS models can be upgraded with this capability.

A white paper on coherent chirp waveforms and the UFS can be found at www.fei-elcomtech.com.

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