M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. (M/A-COM Tech), a leading supplier of high performance analog semiconductor solutions, announced a new Transmit/Receive module Driver IC which provides 6-Bit serial/parallel logic control and T/R switch control for multifunction T/R modules. 

The MADR-010410 is an efficient CMOS driver and ideal for logic control of GaAs based T/R modules as well as a 6-Bit S/P driver for attenuators or phase shifters. High speed analog CMOS technology is utilized to achieve low power consumption at moderate to high speeds.

The MADR-010410 boasts low power dissipation and translates CMOS/LVCMOS input controls to negative gate control voltages for GaAs FETs. Packaged in a 5 mm 40-Lead PQFN, the CMOS driver allows a high output voltage of -0.1 V and a low output voltage of 0.1 V. The quiescent supply current stands at 0.1 µA.

“Our CMOS driver solution works well with highly integrated multi-function T/R modules,” said Kevin Harrington, A&D product marketing manager. “It offers multiple control functions for phase shifters, digital attenuators, switches, and amplifiers.” 

The table below outlines typical performance:







Output High Voltage (An or Bn)



Output Low Voltage (An or Bn)


VEE + 0.1

Quiescent Supply Current



Input Leakage Current



L, P Ports Open-Drain Output Resistance





5 mm 40-Lead PQFN

Production quantities and samples of MADR-010410 are available from stock. Final datasheets and additional product information can be obtained from the M/A-COM Tech website at: www.macomtech.com.