Cassidian has launched the TB3s TETRA base station, which can be fitted with broadband Long Term Evolution (LTE) carriers. TB3s offers a smooth upgrade path to tomorrow's communication networks of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) users. It includes the same powerful features as other TB3 series TETRA base stations, guarantees the same utter reliability, and can also comfortably house broadband LTE eNode equipment that enables LTE communications in addition to regular TETRA services.

 The LTE capability combines with all the usual TB3 features, from the TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS) to air-interface encryption and from Type 1 Handover to base station fallback. Combining TETRA and LTE capabilities in one unit means that upgrading the network for TEDS and introducing broadband can be achieved with incremental investment. Introducing TB3s base stations into the TETRA network means that the operator can choose specifically where and when to introduce TEDS and broadband services.

 "Authorities rely on radio communications, so they need a TETRA base station to provide the best service over the widest possible area," said Eric Davalo, CTO of Secure Communication Solutions at Cassidian. "The TB3s meet these requirements absolutely. In addition, it helps optimise the cost of providing this service, which is good news for network operators, owners, and taxpayers."

The TB3s help network owners and operators to save money, since the combined TETRA and LTE units can share antenna lines and antennas. In addition, they can use the same transmission lines to the core network and the same battery backup system. The TB3s can be operated and maintained over a remote connection, without costly site visits. Another benefit for network operators and owners is the TB3s's similarity to the other TB3 series base stations. The network ‘sees’ the base stations in the same way, which makes radio network planning easier.