Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable SR-250-TC

SR-250-TC □Specification Meets MIL-C-17/129 □Continuous working voltage Max. 3000Vrms □Operating Temperature Range -40°C ~ 125°C Construction Item Material Diameter Remark Center Conductor SPC 1.628 mm (0.064 inch) Solid Type Dielectric PTFE(Solid) 5.32 mm (0.209 inch) Outer Shield Tin Plated Copper Tube 6.35 mm (0.25 inch) 100% Coverage Electrical Data Item Specification Remark Operating Frequency Max. 18 GHz Conductor Resistance Max. 0.257 Ω/100ft at 20°C Dielectric Resistance Min. 1000 ㏁.㎞ at 20°C Test Voltage 7500Vrms 1 Min Velocity of propagation Nom. 69.5% Capacitance Max. 29.6 pF/ft Characteristic Impedance 50 ±2 Ω Approx. Weight 147.0 kg/km Max. Attenuation 4.5dB/100ft (0.15dB/m) at 400MHz 7.5dB/100ft (0.25dB/m) at 1GHz 11.0dB/100ft (0.36dB/m) at 3GHz 33.0dB/100ft (1.08dB/m) at 10GHz 48.0dB/100ft (1.57dB/m) at 18GHz

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