CST is excited to announce a new series of technical webinars focusing on the major benefits of full wave simulation to the high frequency/high speed design process.

We'll be looking at challenging applications and how advances in numerical techniques and computing technology have enabled fast turnaround and significantly reduced prototyping costs.

All events are 45 minutes starting at11 AM Pacific, 2 PM Eastern time.

Sep 9 Multiband Wireless Device Design in a Complex Physical Environment
Sep 23 Modeling Susceptibility of Large Airborne or Ground Based Structures to Lightning
Oct 14 Modeling and Optimization of Electronic PCB/Packaging Structures for Signal and Power Integrity
Nov 4 Modeling the Installed Performance of Antennas in a Ship Topside Environment
Dec 9 CST STUDIO SUITE 2011 - What's Coming

Santa Clara, CA - Antenna Design Workshop
Due to demand, we are running a second free 2010 workshop in Santa Clara, CA. This one will focus on key aspects of antenna simulation including simulation performance acceleration, sensitivity analysis and matching. A customer presentation will focus on highly automating the design process.

Detailed agenda and registration: http://www.cst.com/Content/Events/Details.aspx?eventId=1707

Training is scheduled through the end of the year in our Massachusetts and California offices. There are also courses coming up in Colorado and Minnesota.

Courses Available:
- CST STUDIO SUITE(tm) - Microwave & Antenna Module
- CST STUDIO SUITE(tm) - Signal Integrity / Power Integrity / EMC Module
- CST STUDIO SUITE(tm) - EMC/EMI & Cable Modeling Module

For full details, dates and agendas: http://www.cst.com/Content/Events/Training.aspx filter for United States

Cadence/CST Webcast Recording now Available. "Integrated 3D Full-Wave Analysis of Mixed Signal 3D Packages"

With the complexity of today's packages and interconnected stacked dies, 3D full wave simulation is becoming an essential part of the signal integrity and EMC design flow.

The recorded event is here (requires registration): https://www.cadence.com/cadence/events/Pages/event.aspx?eventid=359