January 15, 2010

Computer Simulation Technology (CST) announces shipping of CST STUDIO SUITE™ version 2010 has commenced.

Engineers and researchers working with electromagnetic problems will benefit from CST's latest software release, CST STUDIO SUITE version 2010 and its multitude of powerful new solver options, features and functionality. The extended range of solvers included in this release continues CST's complete technology tradition. This offers different solution options within one design environment thus enabling a wide range of applications to be analyzed without leaving the familiar, easy-to-use CST interface.

CST MICROWAVE STUDIO (CST MWS) now incorporates an asymptotic solver. This solver is based on the Shooting Bouncing Ray method, an extension to physical optics, and is capable of tackling simulations with an electric size of many thousands of wavelengths such as radar cross section analysis.

CST MWS' frequency domain solver is a widely used tool in the EM simulation world. After the introduction of true geometry adaptation with version 2009, the inclusion of third and mixed order elements will further increase simulation efficiency and speed. The frequency domain solver is also the first solver to feature CST's new sensitivity analysis approach.

The CST MWS flag-ship time domain solver includes functional enhancements such as arbitrary order dispersive material modeling, and domain decomposition for cluster computing, also in combination with GPU computing.

The integration of CST MICROSTRIPES™ into CST STUDIO SUITE is of particular interest to engineers working on electromagnetic compatibility. This facilitates access to features particularly valuable in EMC simulations, such as compact models and Octree meshing within the well-know design environment.

"We are pleased to announce the shipping of CST STUDIO SUITE version 2010 has commenced on schedule," stated Dr. Bernhard Wagner, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing, CST. "This release is a milestone in the area of electromagnetic simulation. No other software package delivers solutions for this breadth of EM applications. Focus is important and we will continue to put all our resources and energy into this exciting engineering field."

Highlights of CST STUDIO SUITE 2010

* New Products in CST STUDIO SUITE 2010
o Asymptotic solver based on the SBR method for electrically very large structures
o CST MICROSTRIPES fully integrated into the design environment
o New power integrity solver
o CST MPHYSICS STUDIO for thermal (including bio-heat) and mechanical stress analysis of electromagnetic devices

* CST simulation acceleration scheme enables access to all acceleration options (Cluster, GPU and distributed computing) via tokens
* Arbitrary order dispersive material modeling
* CST DS, CST's RF circuit and system simulation tool, is now part of the standard CST STUDIO SUITE 2010 license
* EDA import tokens provide flexible access to all major EDA flows
* Sensitivity and yield analysis
* Broadband field interfaces enable easy coupling of different CST simulation tools