Brooklyn, New York – Although the year has not yet come to a close, Mini-Circuits has already received numerous industry awards in 2007 as well as in previous years. Most recently, Huawei Technologies, one of the world’s most respected telecommunications companies, named Mini-Circuits “The Excellent Supplier.” Huawei is headquartered in the People’s Republic of China. Rockwell Collins is also among the company’s customers that have recognized Mini-Circuits during this past year. The avionics giant named Mini-Circuits a top supplier on three separate occasions this year and four times last year. In 2006, one of the awards received from Rockwell-Collins was the coveted “President’s Award,” the highest accolade that a supplier can receive. While Mini-Circuits is based in Brooklyn, New York, the company serves customers around the globe by providing wireless communications solutions through its worldwide support channels. Founded in 1969, Mini-Circuits strives “to continue to be a world preferred company for IF, RF and microwave products,” according to its corporate vision. Harvey Kaylie, president and founder of Mini-Circuits is the man behind the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. He sums it up in one sentence: “Mini-Circuits quality policy is to provide products and services to our internal and external customers that will meet stated requirements, exceed expectations and continuously be improved.” In 2007, awards received by Mini-Circuits include: · Agilent Technologies, “In appreciation of many years as a loyal customer and business partner since 1969” · Huawei Technologies, “The Excellent Supplier” · Nortel, “Strategic Supplier of the Year” · Rockwell Collins, “A Top Performing Supplier 2007” · Rockwell Collins, “Crystal Products Commodity Supplier of the Year” · Rockwell Collins, “MCM/Hybrid Commodity Co-Supplier of the Year” · University of Florida, “Thank you for your important role in supporting 10 years of excellence in Wireless and Microwave Research and Instruction – The WAMI Center” Since the 1980s, Mini-Circuits has been the recipient of dozens of supplier awards from companies that also include Alcatel, AT&T, Ericsson/GE, Harris Corporation, Hewlett Packard, IFR Systems, ITT, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Nokia, Tadiran and Telephonics, as well as from NASA.