"Traditionally, manufacturing multiport components required complicated and lengthy tests," said Bob McClung, vice president and general manager of Agilent's component test division. "The PNA's expanded capabilities help simplify test plans, dramatically reduce test time and lower costs. Additionally, the enhancements continue to increase the PNA's flexibility, enabling engineers to quickly adapt the analyzer to their evolving needs." Flexible Multiport Solutions Agilent introduces an error-correction option for the PNA Series network analyzer (Option 551) along with two external test sets designed specifically for multiport applications. Option 551 enables full N-port calibration and S-parameter measurements to increase measurement accuracy on multiport devices. Combining Agilent's 4-port PNA-L network analyzer with the new 20 GHz 4-port test set (Z5623AK44) provides full 8-port error correction and measurements with a single device connection. Agilent's 2-port PNA Series network analyzer combined with the new 20 GHz 10-port test set (U3022AE10) enables full 12-port error correction and measurements. Component manufacturers can reduce test time while enhancing accuracy using these new single-connection measurement solutions. Advanced Multiport and Balanced S-Parameter Measurements to 13.5 GHz Agilent's new 4-port PNA-L network analyzer provides high performing multiport and balanced measurements such as filters, duplexers and RF front-end modules up to 13.5 GHz. The 4-port 13.5 GHz PNA-L (N5230A Option 140/145) offers the best combination of speed and accuracy with measurements as fast as 4 us/point. Exceptionally low trace noise (as low as 0.005 dB rms at 100 kHz bandwidth) and high dynamic range (up to 120 dB at 2 GHz) minimize measurement uncertainty and significantly improve throughput. Automatic Port-Extension expands upon traditional port extensions by automatically measuring and correcting for the fixture's insertion loss as well as electrical length, thus improving in-fixture device measurement accuracy. Internal Second Source for 13.5 and 20 GHz PNA-L Analyzers Agilent now offers dual source 13.5 and 20 GHz 4-port PNA-L network analyzers (N5230A Option 146/246). This option enables exceptionally fast fixed-IF converter tests and amplifier tests such as intermodulation distortion. The integrated, dual source is up to five times faster than using an external source, and offers exceptional throughput. This single-instrument solution also reduces measurement complexity and setup time. In addition, the Agilent PNA-L Series offers engineers the flexibility they require with an extended power-range option, as well as a configurable test set for high power measurements or mating with external test sets. Enhanced Application and Firmware Capabilities The Agilent PNA-L's new scalar-calibrated converter measurements (Option 082) provide accurate, match-corrected conversion-loss measurements of mixers and converters. The new equation editor allows PNA Series network analyzers to automatically calculate and show application-specific parameters such as the K-factor of amplifiers from S-parameter measurement data. This editor enables manufacturing engineers to adapt the analyzer to their specific needs and accomplish critical tasks faster. U.S. Pricing and Availability The Agilent PNA Series' new capabilities will be available July 17. Description Model/Option No. Price N-port error correction Option 551 from $10,000 20 GHz 4-port test set Z5623AK44 from $56,000 20 GHz 10-port test set U3022AE10 from $75,000 4-port PNA-L network analyzer up to 13.5 GHz N5230A Option 140/145 from $62,000 Dual source 13.5 and 20 GHz 4-port PNA-L network analyzers N5230A Option 146/246 from $78,000 Scalar-calibrated converter measurements Option 082 from $4,850 Additional information about the Agilent PNA Series is available at www.agilent.com/find/multiport. Images are available at www.agilent.com/find/mtt_pna.