Frequency Synthesizers: Concept to Product offers RF and microwave engineers a thorough overview of both well-established and recently developed frequency synthesizer design techniques. As a critical component found in many modern devices like radio receivers, mobile phones and GPS systems, frequency synthesizers provide a clean and stable signal at various frequencies. Professionals will find expert guidance on all design aspects, including main architectures, key building blocks and practical circuit implementation. Engineers will learn the development process and gain a solid understanding of how to build a synthesizer from a basic diagram to the final product.

Starting with a simple single-loop PLL example, the book progressively examines various alternatives—fractional-N, DDS, frequency offset, multi-loop and more—to achieve required performance objectives. It first covers basic frequency synthesizer concepts, control interfaces and building blocks. It then moves on to synthesizer construction, the design process, improving performance and finally advanced functions.

Written by industry expert Dr. Alexander Chenakin of Phase Matrix, Frequency Synthesizers: Concept to Product is for practical engineers and others in the design field. It is primarily intended for engineers in their first years of practice and serves as a quick and effective guide to mastering professional skills, but is also helpful to other professionals such as consultants, researchers, technical marketers and sales.

This unique book gathers a collection of block diagrams, circuits, design recipes and other hard-to-find information, all of which are often treated as “design secrets”. Written in a simple yet rigorous style with numerous illustrations, the book is an all-in-one reference for both beginner and experienced designers.

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ISBN: 978-1-59693-230-2