Small Antennas: Miniaturization Techniques & Applications provides up-to-date methods on the theory and design of small antennas, including an extensive survey of small antenna literature published over the past several years. Antennas have always been difficult to miniaturize, but recent developments in novel materials, either natural or synthetic (metamaterials), and a variety of synthesized anisotropic media are changing the landscape.

This book aims to provide the reader with a single stop on small antennas, including: theory and applications, performance limits subject to bandwidth, gain and size; narrowband and wideband; conformal and integrated; passive and negative (non-foster) impedance matching; materials (polymers, ceramics and magnetics) and shape optimization; high impedance, artificially magnetic and electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) ground planes; techniques for miniaturizing narrowband and wideband antennas; metamaterial and photonic crystal antennas, RFID and power harvesting rectennas; and a multitude of real-world applications that represent an extensive literature survey over the past few years.

The text begins with a detailed presentation of small antenna theory—narrowband and wideband—and progresses to small antenna design methods, such as materials and shaping approaches for multiband and wideband antennas. Generic miniaturization techniques are presented for narrowband, multiband and wideband antennas. Two chapters devoted to metamaterials antennas and methods to achieve optimal small antennas, as well as a chapter on RFID technologies and related antennas are also included.

This comprehensive book on antenna miniaturization is very timely as today's antenna is quickly changing with all the demands on improved efficiency and compact size for mobile applications. The novel materials and newer design techniques are useful for the engineer and student who have a background in antenna design. The future of antenna design is rapidly changing and this book will help designers with its modern examples and coverage of new techniques, materials and packaging technology.

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