TriQuint Semiconductor Inc., an RF front-end product manufacturer and foundry services provider, announced that handset manufacturer, SAMSUNG, selected TriQuint for its complete 3G RF front-end for its popular, new Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is in addition to Samsung choosing TriQuint’s total 3G RF front-end solution for its flagship smartphone series, Galaxy S.

The TriQuint solution offers the lowest current consumption and highest degree of design flexibility, scalability and miniaturization compared to other 3G WEDGE architectural solutions. The solution includes TriQuint’s family of W-CDMA TRITIUM PA-Duplexer Modules™ in combination with its linear WEDGE QUANTUM Tx Module™.

“We are honored to have been chosen by Samsung to provide the RF front-end for their innovative Galaxy Tab in addition to the Galaxy S smartphone series,” said Tim Dunn, Vice President of Mobile Devices at TriQuint. “We are committed to utilizing our unique in-house technology portfolio to provide customers with integrated innovation and quality. In recognition of TriQuint’s commitment to quality, Samsung awarded TriQuint with its Samsung Quality Award for our development efforts related to the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S series.”