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Ardent aims to eliminate surface-mount connectors with new QUICKLINK coaxial connector

Ardent Concept's patented QUICKLINK™Connector mounts directly to the PCB with a twist-to-lock footprint design that requires only two small thru holes and a gold pad for the connector to land on. QUICKLINK™ footprints can be placed anywhere on your board to allow easy access to any channels from your device without having to solder on costly SMA or SMP surface mount receptacles.

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AEM's tin whisker mitigation process assures surface-mount component reliability

AEM Inc. announces a hirel-qualified Sn/Pb (tin/lead) conversion process designed to mitigate the formation of tin whiskers in surface-mount components. The AEM process eliminates potential damage to sensitive electronic devices caused by conventional hot-solder dippingwhile ensuring that converted component terminations con­tain a minimum of 5 percent Pb as verified by SEM/EDS and XRF inspection methods.

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