New surface-mount RF switch connectors from Linx Technologies, now a part of TE Connectivity (TE), provide high isolation between ports for improved data accuracy. Designed primarily for use in diagnostic measurement between printed circuit board components, these compact, low profile connectors are available in both SWD and SWF versions. 

"TE continues expanding our RF connector portfolio to include RF switch connectors. These connectors allow customers to conveniently diagnose problems within their transmission line throughout a product's life cycle," said Ganesh Srinivasan, TE vice president of business development and marketing. "Integrating our new RF switch connectors provides customers a quick and easy way to ensure their products are functioning as intended."

Operating from 0 Hz to 6 GHz, these connectors are designed for reflow-solder mounting directly to a printed circuit board for high volume applications. Additionally, all Linx connectors meet RoHS lead-free standards and are tested to meet requirements for corrosion resistance, vibration, mechanical and thermal shock. 

The new offering is available now via Linx Technologies' distributor and manufacturer representative networks.