M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. (“MACOM”), a leading supplier of high performance RF, microwave, and millimeter wave products, announced a new portfolio of surface mount S-Band GaN power products optimized for commercial air traffic control, weather radar and military radar applications. The new products are available in a range of packaging options and power levels.

The 30 Wpk and 85 Wpk Hybrid GaN Amplifiers are complemented by a 350 Wpk aluminum-based pallet option, all of which deliver GaN high power performance while enabling significant design and manufacturing efficiencies for customers. These new S-Band GaN power products provide integrated solutions which enable customers to accelerate time to market by leveraging commercial best practices for high-volume manufacturing, ensuring a host of additional benefits including improved assembly yield, lower component count, and reduced touch labor.

MACOM’s GaN on SiC S-Band power products are ideally suited for applications with exacting size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements. The 30 Wpk and 85 Wpk hybrid amplifiers measure 7 x 7 and 14 x 24 mm, respectively, and the 350 Wpk pallet measures a mere 51 x 23 mm. These components support wide bandwidths to enable multifunction system capabilities and broad, dynamic frequency operation for complex waveforms, while maximizing power and cooling efficiency and providing robust performance over a wide range of input voltages. Flexible voltage operation equips system operators to meet targeted power requirements and dynamically manage their total system power budget while still maintaining high levels of efficiency and RF performance.

“MACOM’s portfolio of surface mount GaN power products affords system designers a common platform that they can leverage across a growing range of frequency bands, while the pallet offers an even higher power rugged, balanced solution,” said Paul Beasly, Product Manager, MACOM. “Our Avionics, L-Band and new S-Band GaN power products deliver breakthrough power performance while minimizing design and manufacturing complexity to help customers accelerate time to market. We believe that these new products, complemented by our portfolio of GaN on Si components, position MACOM to shatter the barriers to mainstream GaN adoption.”

The GaN power products are designed to ensure high reliability operation under a wide range of environmental conditions – the calculated mean-time-to-failure (MTTF) at 200?C is approximately 600 years. MACOM manufactures its GaN power products via tightly controlled processes in strict accordance with IPC standards to ensure the highest levels of product integrity, reliability and consistency.

MACOM’s new 85 Wpk GaN S-Band power module (MAMG-002735-085L0L), 30 Wpk module (MAMG-002735-030L0L), and 350 Wpk pallet offering (MAPG-002729-350L00) are sampling to customers today. For datasheets and additional product information, visit www.macom.com/gan.