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Contact: Becky DeJulis, bdejulis@weinschelassociates.com Frank Wodoslawski, fwodoslawsky@weinschelassociates.com
Title: David Heft, dheft@weinschelassociates.com
Phone: (301) 963-4630
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Weinschel Associates
19212 Orbit Dr.
Gaithersburg MD 20879
United States


New Digital Attenuator Product Line

The Weinschel Associates DA series of digital attenuators represents the latest in programmable attenuator technology. The DA attenuator architecture combines the rugged design and superior performance expected of Weinschel Associates products with modern technology to achieve the ease of integration and price performance expected in a plug-and-play marketplace. The...
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WA91 100W Coaxial Attenuator

This Weinschel Associates high power attenuator is designed to pack more power into less of a package, making its compact size one of the smallest 100 watt attenuators in the industry.
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500W Terminations

Weinschel Associates series of 500 watt terminations feature an integral heatsink for convection air cooling. Available operating frequency ranges of DC–2.5 GHz, DC–5.0 GHz and DC–8.5 GHz, makes these heavy duty models ideal for wireless communication and a multitude of other applications. Threaded holes are designed into the backplate for easy mounting where desired.
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Precision Coaxial Adapters

All Weinschel Associates precision coaxial adapters are designed to perform with broadband transparency while maintaining high repeatability, even under the most strenuous use. Their rugged construction makes them ideal for any test or lab facility. In series and between series versions available (Type N and SMA).
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Resistive Power Splitters & Dividers

Our resistive power splitters with type N or SMA connectors provide exceptional amplitude tracking while providing low output SWR over DC-18 GHz frequency range. Our resistive power dividers with type N or SMA connectors provide interchangeable (bi-directional) input/ output ports with 6dB nominal insertion loss.
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Low Profile Attenuators

You don’t have to substitute power for size with these low profile attenuators. They are perfect for those confined spaces where height constraints are a concern and external heat-sinking is available. These low profile models are available in 25W, 50W and 150W versions covering frequency bands up to 8.5 GHz
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