High Power Fixed Attenuator MODEL WA91. DC – 18.0 GHz, 100 WATTS. Unidirectional Features: Designed to meet MIL-A-3933 environmental specifications. Specifications: Nominal Impedance: 50 ohms. Frequency Range: DC -18.0 GHz. Nominal dB Values: 3 - 40 dB (40 dB Version is Unidirectional). Power Sensitivity: < 0.005 dB/dBxW unidirectional in power. Power Rating: 50W CW/ 1 KW peak to 25°C ambient temperature, derated linearly to 10 watts at 125°C, 1 kilowatt peak (5 μsec pulse width; 2.5% duty cycle). Calibration: Insertion Loss and VSWR performed at DC, 4.0, 8.0, 12.4, and 18.0 GHz. Option 890 or custom calibration test data available at additional charge. Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C. Temperature Coefficient: < 0.0004 dB/dB x °C. Construction: Black finned aluminum alloy body with passivated stainless steel connectors. Gold plated beryllium copper contacts. Connectors: Type N or SMA stainless steel M/F connectors per MIL-STD-348A, interface dimensions mate nondestructively with MIL-C-39012. Weight: Type N 1.18 kg/ 4.1 oz, SMA 1.25 kg/ 4.3 oz. Physical Dimensions: Length: “A” Dimension. Diameter: 63.50 (2.50) Note: Dimensions are given in mm (inches) and are maximum, unless otherwise specified.