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Smiths Interconnect Flies High on F-35 Aircraft

Working with principal partners to deliver safety, reliability and performance

Smiths Interconnect has been involved in the F-35 Lightning II programme for over 20 years, supplying hundreds of different interconnect devices including high reliability technologies, from RF components and high speed/power/density/filtered connectors to integrated microwave assemblies.

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Smiths Interconnect’s Contact Technology Launched on NASA Mars Perseverance Rover


NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, Mars Perseverance Rover was launched on July 30, 2020 and will touch down on Mars on February 18, 2021. Smiths Interconnect provides the Mars Perseverance Rover with high performance ruggedized cPCI 2 mm connectors addressing NASA’s need for a high reliability connector solution to meet the mechanical, electrical and environmental performance requirements.

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RF Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies

This product line is well suited for Satellite Payloads (GEO/MEO and LEO constellations), Deep Space Probes, Ground-based Antenna Networks, Satellite Integration and Space Robotic Systems. 

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Planar X Series

Planar X Series reduces overall system mass in critical space applications, provides best in class RF performance and more.

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Eclipta Edge Card Connectors

Eclipta ECL  connector series addresses the medical market need for a reliable interconnect system with short lead-time and minimal cost. Eclipta connector incorporates an innovative, double-ended, edge card contact system featuring a PCB as the contact on the disposable connector side.

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Volta Series Probe

Smiths Interconnect announces the release of the Volta Series probe heads optimized for wafer level chip scale package testing. Volta is used for testing the chips (while in their wafer form) that are behind everything from Bluetooth and power management to digital display controllers. Volta helps customers deliver higher quality products by ensuring the chips in them are up to specification, and perform as they should.

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