Smiths Interconnect announced a manufacturing contract from Lockheed Martin to manufacture high gain high sensitivity (HGHS) antenna systems to protect U.S. Navy ships from threats during mission critical operations. 

The HGHS antenna is enabled by Smiths Interconnect’s 30-year heritage of antenna and software capabilities to provide enhanced frontline situational awareness and ship protection from inbound threats.  The contract includes manufacture and test of the HGHS antenna systems along with embedded control and interface software. The award is a five-year contract and will deliver up to 74-antenna subsystems. 

Smiths Interconnect’s HGHS antenna is integrated into Lockheed Martin’s SEWIP system to provide anti-ship missile defence, counter-targeting and counter-surveillance capabilities. The SEWIP program was established in 2002 to provide enhanced electronic warfare capabilities and services to the U.S. Navy and global alliances.

“Smiths Interconnect is excited and proud to support the U.S. Navy with a subsystem with a sensor solution specifically engineered and optimized to support mission critical programs. We are very pleased to be partnering with Lockheed Martin to offer fast, reliable and efficient high precision positioner capabilities to the defence industry.” said Ralph DeMarco, vice president of Business Development and Sales at Smiths Interconnect Inc.