Smiths Interconnect announced the launch of its new AT Series of RF chip attenuators from DC to 20 GHz.

RF chip attenuators are components used in communication systems to reduce the strength of a signal passing through it. They play a crucial role in protecting systems from receiving a signal with a power level that is too high to process. The range being introduced from Smiths Interconnect is significant because it offers a high frequency of DC to 20 GHz which is required for use in key commercial and space applications.

“The single-chip design of the AT Series replaces an array of resistors, saving valuable board space and allowing an easy installation in the customer's circuit,” said Tullio Panarello, vice president and general manager of the fibre optics and RF Components business unit at Smiths Interconnect. “The customer’s cost of ownership is decreased by reducing the bill of material and eliminating tuning of the circuit while adding more reliability,” he added.

The AT Series is available in various styles from DC to 6 GHz for lower frequency requirements up to DC to 20 GHz for the broadband requirements of higher frequency commercial high volume applications. It provides excellent attenuation accuracy and flatness by maintaining an efficient RF power transmission. It offers a proven, robust, thick film construction in a cost effective, easy to implement solution.

The chip attenuators come already fine-tuned to meet performance specifications, eliminating any fine-tuning or reworking that would have to be done by the customer.

Smiths Interconnect’s AT Series of chip attenuators offer the following features:

  • Thick film process technology on an alumina substrate
  • Surface-mount configuration
  • High volume delivery on tape and reel
  • Compact and light weight
  • Repeatable VSWR
  • RoHS compliance.