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Intercept Technology Inc.
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Intercept Technology Inc

Intercept Technology celebrates 15+ years of CAD/CAM vendor support

Intercept Technology Inc., a leading provider of PCB, RF, Hybrid, and high-speed CAD/CAE design software, has joined the ODB++ Solutions Alliance as a demonstration of its continued support for unified CAD/CAM vendor file formats. For over 15 years, Intercept’s Pantheon PCB layout software has offered a variety of manufacturing file formats for its user base, and Intercept remains committed to continuing to support both legacy and new file formats.

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Intercept Technology Inc. Releases New User Interface

Intercept Technology Inc. , a leader in PCB/Hybrid/RF electrical engineering applications, announced the availability of its next major software release, Pantheon 7BETA. A monumental departure from its former version, the new Pantheon includes a completely redesigned user interface with significant performance and productivity increases across the entire design team...Read more

Intercept Advances RF Design Flow with AWR Microwave Office

Intercept Technology Inc. , a leader in PCB/Hybrid/RF electrical engineering applications, announced an enhanced bidirectional link between Intercept’s Mozaix schematic and Pantheon layout design applications and AWR Corp. ’s Microwave Office software. This bidirectional capability couples Intercept’s Mozaix schematic, with full RF model and layout information imported and pushed...Read more

Intercept Pantheon™ Layout Software

Intercept PantheonLayoutSoftwareIntercept Technology’s award-winning Pantheon PCB layout software with specialized RF and Hybrid user flows is now more affordable than ever. Integrated with a full CAD/CAE environment flow, Pantheon includes bidirectional RF simulation interfaces to Ansys DesignerRF™, Ansys HFSS™ and AWR Microwave Office™, RF models, reuse blocks, multi-board capabilities, panel arrays, artwork panelization,and more.

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Intercept RF Design Flow

Intercept RF Design FlowThe Intercept Technology RF Design flow includes Pantheon™ layout software with specialized RF design options, and bidirectional simulation interfaces to Ansys DesignerRF™, Ansys HFSS™ and AWR Microwave Office™. Vendor-specific RF models can be defined parametrically and placed in the layout, maintaining the simulation stream one-for-one.

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RF Design with AWR™

Intercept RF Design with AWRIntercept’s specialized RF design flow with AWR allows engineers or designers to begin a design in AWR’s Microwave Office™, Pantheon™ layout software, or Mozaix™ schematic software. This flexibility is made possible by Intercept’s ability to send data to and from AWR’s Microwave Office bidirectionally, allowing designers and engineers to maintain closer communication during the design cycle.

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Intercept RF Design with ANSYS HFSS™

Intercept RF Design with Ansys HFSSWith Intercept’s Pantheon layout software, RF design is made easy with its flexible shape and fill creation and management, detailed stackup builder, 3D viewer, and automated via handling. Modeling with HFSS is as easy as “cutting” a section of a design from the layout and sending it to HFSS for simulation.

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3-Dimensional Design

InterceptIntercept Technology Inc.® announces that development is under way for 3-dimensional design in Pantheon. The 3D environment will be directly embedded into the main software drawing routines so that all aspects of layout design can be accomplished in a three dimensional view. The 3D environment will empower designers to place, route, and make design edits directly in the 3-dimensional view.

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The Customer Driven Company

Among the EDA software vendors, Intercept stands apart with its excellent customer service, support, and loyal customers.


Bidirectional Simulation in the RF Design Environment Flow

By utilizing a more sophisticated method of data transfer directly to and from the RF simulation application, design cycle time can be greatly reduced while also increasing the integrity of the resulting board design.