Intercept Technology Inc., a leader in PCB/Hybrid/RF electrical engineering applications, announced an enhanced bidirectional link between Intercept’s Mozaix schematic and Pantheon layout design applications and AWR Corp.’s Microwave Office software. This bidirectional capability couples Intercept’s Mozaix schematic, with full RF model and layout information imported and pushed forward from Mozaix to Pantheon PCB/Hybrid/RF layout, and AWR’s Microwave Office RF/microwave design environment. The bidirectional link also includes the ability for fully intelligent layout blocks with hierarchy to be passed seamlessly between the products, allowing simulated circuits to be reused any number of times in the layout.

Additionally, Intercept’s Mozaix schematic and Pantheon layout design applications offer an alternative design flow into AWR’s Microwave Office software specifically for post-layout, final design-stage verification reliant upon the ODB++ data format. These two solutions/flows provide maximum flexibility for the engineers by allowing them to start the design in any one of the applications involved in the process; Mozaix schematic design, Pantheon layout, or AWR’s Microwave Office or to remain in Mozaix/Pantheon for the majority of the engineering and design work and take the final concept to Microwave Office for verification.

“Intercept has demonstrated flexibility and responsiveness in not only dealing with our mutual customer requests, design and enhancements but in general as an AWR Alliance partner,” stated Sherry Hess, VP marketing at AWR. “Focusing on the needs of the customer is a trait both companies share and share strongly!”

“AWR Corp. has been very responsive to our engineering efforts, allowing us to further expand our user base with Intercept’s RF design and simulation capabilities,” says Abby Monaco, Product Manager for Intercept. “Through our partnership, Intercept and AWR hope to bring greater success to RF and mixed RF/digital design installations world-wide.”

Intercept is the only EDA company to provide such a high degree of interactive RF editing capability within a physical design application, allowing the completion of RF, hybrid, analog, digital, and mixed-technology designs within a single-window environment. The link to AWR's Microwave Office complements Intercept's existing RF Option, which includes layout driven design (no schematic necessary), via fencing, powerful shape/fill manipulation capabilities, the ability to “route” parametric components, the ability to convert copper primitives to intelligent RF fill, RF specific Design Rules Checks and more.