Intercept Technology Inc., a leading provider of PCB, RF, Hybrid, and high-speed CAD/CAE design software, has joined the ODB++ Solutions Alliance as a demonstration of its continued support for unified CAD/CAM vendor file formats. For over 15 years, Intercept’s Pantheon PCB layout software has offered a variety of manufacturing file formats for its user base, and Intercept remains committed to continuing to support both legacy and new file formats.

To further aid designers in successful manufacturing practices, Intercept’s Pantheon PCB layout software includes embedded Design for Manufacture (DFM) checking, artwork verification, electrical rule checking, and basic design rule checking. Once the design is prepared for manufacturing, output options include ODB++, RS-274x, IPC-D-350, IPC-D-350a, GenCAM, and GenCAD, with IPC-2581 soon to be added.

As a member of the IPC 2581 Consortium, the IPC, the ODB++ Solutions Alliance, and various industry cross-vendor partnerships, Intercept strongly supports vendor collaboration for the promotion of improved design and manufacture practices.