Intercept Technology Inc., a leading provider of PCB, RF, Hybrid, and high-speed design software, celebrates its 30th year of EDA software solutions development.

"The cornerstone of this year's celebration is to express our gratitude to all the customers and partners who have contributed to our long standing success," said Dale Hanzelka, Director of Sales in North America.

Founded in 1983, Intercept began as a consulting firm performing electrical engineering-related software and hardware projects. Over the course of its first 10 years, the issues with CAE and CAD software were so apparent that the firm began developing its own EDA software, circumventing the need to use the expensive and cumbersome options available at the time. 

Pantheon PCB design software was first released for retail sale to the public in 1994, and quickly became a success in the EDA market. Since that time, Intercept has continued developing EDA software solutions that now include specialized RF, hybrid, and high speed design flows, embedded DFM, CAE/schematic design, library management, interfaces to simulation, and a great number of data output and input options that includes the ability to import nearly all of the CAD design formats available in the industry today.

Intercept offers affordable, scalable solutions for companies and design teams of all sizes. Intercept products are installed in larger Fortune 500 companies, one person companies, and everything in between. Excellent customer service and support has resulted in a steadily growing user base with nearly no annual attrition; customers who choose Intercept stay with Intercept.

Join Intercept in celebrating 30 years of success; contact the company to learn how its products could make a big difference in your design teams' productivity. Call the company at 800.444.9304, email at, or visit the web site at