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Intercept announces enhancements to Pantheon Ink Resistor technology

Intercept Technology Inc., a leading EDA software developer for PCB, RF and Hybrid Design solutions today announced powerful and leading-edge enhancements to Pantheon Ink Resistor functionality. In line with Intercept’s mission to provide the highest in advanced design technology, enhancements include the ability to create rectangular as well as complex ink resistor shapes parametrically on the fly during layout, or from information obtained from a schematic.

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Intercept Technology celebrates 15+ years of CAD/CAM vendor support

Intercept Technology Inc., a leading provider of PCB, RF, Hybrid, and high-speed CAD/CAE design software, has joined the ODB++ Solutions Alliance as a demonstration of its continued support for unified CAD/CAM vendor file formats. For over 15 years, Intercept’s Pantheon PCB layout software has offered a variety of manufacturing file formats for its user base, and Intercept remains committed to continuing to support both legacy and new file formats.

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3-Dimensional Design


InterceptIntercept Technology Inc.® announces that development is under way for 3-dimensional design in Pantheon. The 3D environment will be directly embedded into the main software drawing routines so that all aspects of layout design can be accomplished in a three dimensional view. The 3D environment will empower designers to place, route, and make design edits directly in the 3-dimensional view.

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