Intercept Technology Inc., a leader in PCB/Hybrid/RF electrical engineering applications, announced the availability of its next major software release, Pantheon 7BETA. A monumental departure from its former version, the new Pantheon includes a completely redesigned user interface with significant performance and productivity increases across the entire design team user flow. Completing Intercept’s full redesign of its suite of software applications for the EDA industry, its flagship product, Pantheon, now includes similar user interface features previously made available in its schematic design and library management tools, Mozaix and Indx.

Most importantly, however, this redesign makes no changes to the database; all existing customers will be able to upgrade or run mixed version environments without any incompatibility issues. This software release takes the last 15 years of Pantheon’s development as an advanced PCB/Hybrid/RF design application and merely overlays a modern user flow that greatly increases productivity.

Pantheon 7’s Intercept-standard user interface features include:

• Multi-window support for real-time edit and update of geometries on the board.

• Project Explorer with quick access to board, block, component, net, and part references.

• Quick Search Toolbar for quick entry and select of design objects.

• Undocked Toolbars for maximized edit window space, greater ease of use.

• Window Control Toolbar to open/close windows and maximize edit window space.

• Redesigned menu structure for faster and more intuitive user flow.

“Our existing customers are very pleased to see Intercept’s advanced tools brought up to the user interface standards of today. The new Pantheon utilizes previous versions’ powerful infrastructure and spins it into a simple, easy to use workflow that all designers can appreciate.” said Dale Hanzelka, Principal Applications Engineer for Intercept. “The completion of this pivotal project brings Intercept to the forefront of the EDA marketplace and offers an affordable solution for advanced design flows.

Pantheon 7BETA is available to everyone for evaluation and feedback, and is considered ready for general PCB/Hybrid/RF design. Following customer feedback and final improvements, the official Production version is currently planned to be available by Jan. 1, 2012.