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Welcome to ROG Cares

June 9, 2015

Here at Rogers Corporation, we help power, protect, and connect our world. On the surface, it means Rogers helps our world with greater reliability, efficiency, and performance, to build a safer, cleaner and more connected world. The materials technologies we create deliver solutions for tomorrow’s breakthroughs. These range from end market applications that include mobile internet devices, broadcast satellites, medical instruments, automotive safety sensors, and even radar.

Dig deeper though and you see that Rogers is taking the meaning of “power, protect, connect our world” to also include being a good global corporate citizen. Being a good global corporate citizen involves being environmentally responsible, safety and socially conscious with our employees and individuals we interact with, and being an active participant in the communities in which we operate. Specifically, at Rogers there are a lot of things we’re doing behind the scenes to make the world a better place to live, and come with every piece of laminate and bondply we ship. Because when you buy RT/duroid®, RO3000®, RO4000®, CLTE™ or any other dielectric materials from Rogers, you should have peace of mind knowing that you in turn are also being a good citizen by buying from a responsible supplier.

Here’s how ROG cares:

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection starts at Rogers with an active Pollution Prevention Plan. Our Pollution Prevention Plan drives the efficient use of materials, reduces our environmental burden, reduces facility costs, and helps create a healthier workplace for employees. Air quality, water quality, and waste management are all taken into account in our plan and we try to not just meet but exceed any regulatory requirements. Renewing our Pollution Prevention Plan annually ensures that we are always striving to create new environmental goals and further reduce our environmental impact.

All projects at Rogers start with this question: “How can we make this safer and more environmentally friendly?” When we find room for improvement, we strive to make those necessary changes.

Employee Safety

At Rogers, the health and safety of every employee is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. From the personal protective gear worn, to the volunteer safety teams that meet weekly to brainstorm safety suggestions for their floor manager, safety is clearly the priority. Employees at all levels have the authority to stop manufacturing operations immediately if they perceive the safety of employees is threatened. Sending employees home at night with the same health they arrived in the morning is of the utmost importance.

Participation in safety initiatives is part of the Must-Do Results all employees must complete. Even during meetings, safety is the first objective to be met, as a way to ensure everyone is aware and refreshed on the procedures. New and innovative ways of decreasing injury on the job are being thought of and implemented with safety suggestions. Additionally, it’s just not employees’ physical health that gets taken into account. The mental health of employees is just as important.

When it comes to safety, everyone’s voice matters and all opinions are listened to.

Social Consciousness and Community Participation

Rogers is aware of the impact that a company can have. Part of being a conscious global citizen is realizing that it is possible to make a difference. Because of this mindset, new products are being created that are halogen free. Rogers’ employees are not afraid to speak up when they see someone that needs help. Engaging employees is the number one Must-Do Result for Rogers, and as part of that goal, we set out to have socially conscious employees that are always striving to improve the lives of everyone they touch. The culture at Rogers is such that your coworkers are your family.

The family mentality is not just restricted to employees. Rogers has an extended family: the community. We reach out to the communities we’re located in by being involved with various non-profits and charities.

Some are local, like A New Leaf®, which focuses on Arizona families in need. We have worked with A New Leaf® for the last four years providing school supplies each new school year. Others span the globe, such as Feed My Starving Children®, which provides malnourished children in 70 countries with food. Some initiatives have a smaller impact, like Be a Santa to a Senior®, which brings some holiday joy to seniors in assisted living and nursing homes. Others are targeted to have a broader impact, like blood and food drives for United Way.                                              

Global Perspective

Rogers is located around the globe, with plants in Belgium and China following the same standards. It would be easy to become complacent regarding environmental and safety issues across borders, but that’s not the case. Process Safety Management (PSM) has been implemented worldwide, despite it being only a U.S. regulation, because it provides the best overall program to ensure the safety of the plant and the employees. A new treater was installed in Suzhou, China that implements the latest technologies to reduce emissions and noise. Employees in Suzhou stay involved in the community by participating in programs aimed to educate school children. In Ghent, Belgium, Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) objectives are put in place annually to monitor continuous improvements. Recycling of natural resources and supplies is an important element of reducing our environmental impact.


The various examples listed above are just a sampling of the initiatives Rogers is involved in. We are dedicated to being environmentally and socially conscious, to being a valued member of the communities in which we work, and above all, to do our best to ensure the health and safety of our employees.

When you buy from Rogers, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are buying from a supplier that makes the world truly run better by powering, protecting, and connecting our world.

We’re here to help you understand all the good work being done at Rogers. To read more about what we are doing to be a good global corporate citizen, stay tuned for more information about specific programs and initiatives. 

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