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Piconics and Modelithics partner to develop broadband models of conical inductors

Piconics Inc. and Modelithics Inc. have collaborated to upgrade the previous Piconics conical inductor S-parameter models to full equivalent circuit models, now offering substrate scalability/selectability, series and shunt configurations, and broadband validation up to as high as 65 GHz for some configurations. These models represent the first comprehensive, measurement-based equivalent circuit models for conical inductors in the Modelithics Library.

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A Broadband Microwave Choke

A new and different RF choke design that permits extremely broadband performance with few apparent seres resonances
A Broadband Microwave Choke Piconics Inc. Tyngsboro, MA All microwave devices that use DC power must have a method for preventing the microwave energy from entering the power supply. It is common practice to connect a microwave choke between the active microwave device and the power supply to prevent...
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