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Low-loss Cable Assemblies

LowLossCableLow-loss, stranded center conductor cables are specifically designed for applications where durability over repeated flexure is important. They are especially well-suited for test set-ups as well as radar and antenna systems that require flexible coaxial interconnects that are subjected to constant motion.

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42XXF Coaxial Attenuator

coaxial_attenuator42XXF100The 42XXF is a high performance, precision SMA coaxial attenuator value priced for high volume applications. This new and improved version of the 42XX series of SMA coaxial attenuators is, in EMC tradition, offered in commercial or high reliability versions for a wide range of applications.

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AN7 Variable Attenuator

AN7_100EMC Technology introduces a new solution for temperature compensation, the AN7, an SMT planar style chip design. This new AN7 offers a small 0805 package size for TVA line and has excellent frequency response from DC to 6 GHz. The AN7 is suitable for high volume, pick & place and targeted for Telecom and WiMAX applications.

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Conformable® Cable Assemblies

ConformableCableThe Conformable® BJ cable family offers the option of a hand-formable replacement to Semi-Rigid cable with only a slight isolation and Insertion Loss penalty. Florida RF Labs hand-formable cable assemblies come with a metal foil under the copper-tin composite shield for added connector strength and improved performance.

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