Articles by Mini-Circuits, Brooklyn, N.Y.

50 ohm Termination

MC0604mwj_05_24smallThe model ANNE-50X is a 50 ohm termination that offers wide band coverage of DC to 20 GHz. It features a return loss of 40 dB typical up to 4 GHz and 30 dB typical at 10 to 20 GHz. The ANNE-50X offers rugged construction and operates at –55° to 100° C.

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Low Pass Filters

MC0602m05_10The LFTC series of low pass filters operate in a frequency range from DC to 5400 MHz. The filters can handle more than 10 W and cover cut-off frequencies up to 6 GHz. This series is ideal for applications dealing with rejection of harmonics, intermods and avoiding unwanted signals from creeping into the system.

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Mini-Circuits Touts New Frequency Mixer

Mini-Circuits introduces model SYM-63LH+, an ultra broadband double balanced mixer that utilizes core and wire transformers and a diode quad in a ring configuration. The transformers are designed to provide ultra wide bandwidth using simulation software together with Mini-Circuits proprietary transformer technology. These mixers provide an IF response from...
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