Articles by Mini-Circuits, Brooklyn, N.Y.

DC to 18 GHz Test Cables

A series of wideband 50 ? coaxial test cables has been introduced that feature extra rugged construction with integrated strain relief for longer life. The CBL-series Coaxial-Flex test cables are designed for use from DC to 18 GHz and are useful over a temperature range of –55° to +105°C....
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An LTCC Double-balanced Mixer

Double-balanced mixers are used extensively in transmitters and receivers. For frequencies below 5 GHz, the designs are normally realized using ferrite-based transformers, because they are very compact and their technology is mature. As the operating frequency increases, distributed element baluns become smaller in size and more attractive. Semiconductor-based mixers...
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Low Cost Directional Couplers

A new series of low cost, high quality directional couplers is featured
ON THE COVER Low Cost Directional Couplers Mini-Circuits Brooklyn, NY Ever expanding applications of RF and microwaves for wireless and cable applications have revived the development efforts of components at these frequencies. There is a continuing demand to reduce size and cost, and to improve performance and quality at...
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This month's cover features a high performance, low cost, surface-mount quadrature coupler developed using Blue Cell technology
COVER FEATURE HIGH PERFORMANCE, LOW COST, SURFACE-MOUNT QUADRATURE COUPLERS BLUE CELL TECHNOLOGY, A FAMILY MEMBER OF MINI-CIRCUITS Brooklyn, NY As system requirements increase, the demands placed on passive components also continue to rise in an effort to meet ever-increasing consumer demands. Industry is demanding higher performance in smaller footprints...
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Low Cost, Ultra-high Isolation SPDT Switches

This month's cover features a DC to 5 GHz high isolation switch that can be used with a personal computer to produce a low cost, high speed, automated test station
Low Cost, Ultra-high Isolation SPDT Switches Mini-Circuits Brooklyn, NY Wideband test instrumentation often requires signal routing. This function is usually accomplished with mechanical switches, which are expensive and slow. When isolation requirements are not high, electronic switches may be utilized. However, most high isolation electronic switches available in today's...
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High Isolation Switches with Integral Drivers

This month's cover features a low cost, GaAs, high isolation SPDT switch with an integrated driver that reduces the leakage of unwanted signals
High Isolation Switches with Integral Drivers Mini-Circuits Brooklyn, NY Solid-state switches are used extensively for routing or selecting RF and microwave signals. If the isolation between the selected and unselected ports is not high, leakage of unwanted signals could degrade the carrier-to-interference ratio. Several switches may have to be...
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