Print Ads 2.0

Because Microwave Journal’s content is delivered in print, digital and mobile versions, print ads in Microwave Journal are actually placed in all formats (a print ad is actually a print/digital ad in Microwave Journal). It is seen in the print magazine, in the online digital version (delivered via email and linked on the web site) and in the mobile version available on tablets and phones via our mobile app. The Microwave Journal Magazine mobile appis available on iTunes for Apple devices, Google Play for Android users and Amazon for the Kindle and includes full page views with print ads along with a mobile friendly scrolling view.
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Sunny Seattle - IMS2013 Product Review

The Seattle weather was unexpectedly great for IMS2013, sunny and clear all week.  The venue was very good but the 2 room setup was far from ideal for the exhibition and some people did not even know there was a second room attached in the back left corner.  So it is not surprising that the traffic in the back room seemed to be a step below that in the front but still respectable. While the attendance did not seem overwhelming, there was some optimistic pockets of activity and many were satisfied with the high quality of the attendees.
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Who Turned Out the Lights? – EMP Missiles Become a Reality

Just like the new TV series Revolution, all electronic devices in an area can now be immobilized in the with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bomb or missile.  Unlike the TV series though, it is only temporary.  The EMP bomb or missile has been a weapon envisioned for many years but for the first time (that we know of) Boeing has demonstrated an EMP bomb with positive real world results.  They announced the testing results on Sept 22 followed by a video of the demonstration released on Oct 22.  It is actually surprising how little coverage this has received since this is a significant achievement.
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Make an Impact in 2013

Microwave Journal has added some exciting promotional vehicles for 2013. Our high impact, rich media banners ad units provide great visibility on our website with newly added wallpaper, page peel, interstitial and animated banner ad units.  Wallpaper ads fill the space in the left and right margins on every page providing a large area to present your ad.
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