Delivering More for Less

Most of the technologies we cover in Microwave Journal have one thing in common. GaN, CMOS, envelope tracking, MIMO, etc. are all about getting more performance for less. Your customers want more data throughput for less cost and space and in less time. And the engineer who reads Microwave Journal has to deliver. If your company is not developing these attributes in your products, then you’re out of step with the general direction of our industry. And if your products are being enhanced in these areas and you’re not communicating this to our readers, well then you’re doing yourself a disservice.     

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Game Changers

“Game changing products” are the result of insight, hard work and smart, creative engineers who keep pushing the boundaries of technology, keeping our industry alive and thriving. The Journal and our readers benefit from their inspiring efforts and willingness to share. As a result, we have a healthy supply of exciting editorial in the pipeline to engage our audience and set the stage for upcoming conferences and trade shows.  

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Twenty-fourteen: Big Systems, Here and Abroad

As we enter December, the MWJ editorial staff is currently busy preparing for next year’s first quarter with contributions from the industry’s leading engineers and scientists. Thanks to their research (and writing), we will be able to keep our readers updated on the latest microwave technologies being introduced. Communication and defense systems continue to proliferate and grow in capability. Thanks to the hard work and creativity of engineers throughout the industry, 2014 should be another banner year for component development and the systems they support.

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