Most of the technologies we cover in Microwave Journal have one thing in common. GaN, CMOS, envelope tracking, MIMO, etc. are all about getting more performance for less. Your customers want more data throughput for less cost and space and in less time. And the engineer who reads Microwave Journal has to deliver. If your company is not developing these attributes in your products, then you’re out of step with the general direction of our industry. And if your products are being enhanced in these areas and you’re not communicating this to our readers, well then you’re doing yourself a disservice.     

Communication systems exist to transmit information represented by electrical signals. Our readers develop the components that guide those signals, generate and amplifier those signals and separate them from unwanted signals. The “generate and amplify” portion of the operation is addressed by RF oscillators and amplifiers. These components are at the heart of any communication system and the focus of our April issue. If you offer amplifier or oscillator products, this is a great issue to show  the industry what you have.

These two types of components are among the most complex and difficult devices in the radio chain, responsible for linearity, efficiency and the noise performance of the entire communication system. This year’s cover feature, edited by MWJ Technical Editor Pat Hindle will look at recent developments in envelope tracking techniques for improving the linearity and efficiency of power amplifiers. Look for contributions from Nokia Solutions and Networks, Freescale, Cree and NXP. This area of amplifier design is yielding some game-changing performance and opening the door to the use of CMOS devices in areas where III-V materials had dominated.  On the oscillator/source side, look for articles from Phase Matrix (an NI company) on their latest synthesizer product and its underlying architecture and an OCXO solution from our newest (Russian) advertiser – Magic Xtal.

May is the annual MTT-S IMS show issue and I know many of you are already planning your marketing blitz, product announcements and booth promotions. IMS is the biggest North American event of the year that is solely focused on microwave technology, components and supporting design and manufacturing technology. Our May issue offers the whole industry a preview of the companies and products that will try to deliver on that ever so desirable more-for-less quality that is the trademark of winning products. Our product showcase is the perfect preview of what will be on display in Tampa. Don’t wait till the event to make a splash, this event is too busy to wait until the show to start your promotion campaigns. The May issue (along with the Microwave Journal Show daily newsletters) is used by savvy marketers to entice attendees into their booths with a glimpse of the goods.

The main editorial in May will present some very important trends in converging technologies that could reshape the industry itself, redefining state-of-the art performance to levels unimaginable just a few years ago and readily available. Details to follow in next month’s Waveguide.