Articles by Infineon Technologies, El Segundo, Calif.

Infineon introduces MOS switching devices for space and avionics applications

Infineon Technologies has introduced its first power switching devices designed specifically for use in space and avionics applications. The new Radiation Hardened (RH) PowerMOS devices of the BUY25CSXX family are claimed to offer best-in-class performance to support design of energy-efficient power conditioning and power supply systems for space use.

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Infineon Introduces Receive Front-End Modules for GPS and GLONASS

Infineon Technologies has introduced a new series of Receive Front-End Modules for implementation of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) functionality in smartphones and other handheld devices. The new BGM103xN7 Series devices are claimed to be the first modules available that support separate or simultaneous reception of both Global Positioning...
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Infineon Conferred Globally Recognized Logistics Award

Infineon Technologies has been conferred the Global Award for Supply Chain Excellence by the renowned Supply Chain Council (SCC) in recognition of outstanding contributions towards logistics process improvement. The company also received the Award for Supply Chain Operational Excellence. Both awards honor the successful reorganization of the company’s global...
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