Microwaves in Europe: The Current Climate

In times of plenty, it is easy to view the fruits of success as a given and make hay while the sun shines. The good times included the boom in the mobile communications sector in the late 1990s, subsequent periods of full order books and expansion thro...
Is the European RF and microwave industry feeling the heat? Will the current economic drought starve the industry of essential funding and investment or can focused and targeted innovation harvest demand and stimulate growth in established and developing sectors of the market? In hindsight, this was the calm before...
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The 2011 EuMW Defence and Security Forum

This is a full-day event addressing Safety, Security and Defence issues and featuring the EuMW Defence and Security Executive Forum. Attendance is FREE and open to all EuMW 2011 conference delegates, exhibitors and visitors. <br>Wednesday, 12 October 2...
The defence and security sector is evolving to reflect the economic and threat realities of the early 21st century. Pressures on public spending and funding are having a significant impact and while the ability to defend sovereignty, resolve regional conflicts and fight global terrorism need to be addressed, new...
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electronica 2010: Taking Stock and Looking Forward

Electronica 2010 - Barometer of the Electonics Economy

With over 70,000 trade visitors and 2,595 exhibitors from 45 countries, the Trade Fair emphasised its position as the international meeting-place for the electronics industry. electronica 2010 covered the entire spectrum of technologies, products and solutions, from semiconductors, sensors, measurement and testing, electronics design, passive components, power supply, PCBs and other non-mounted circuit carriers through to EMS.

Richard Mumford reports >>

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European Microwave Week 2010, Paris: Style and Substance

European Microwave Week 2010 Show Wrap-up

David Vye and Richard Mumford summarize their visit to EuMW 2010 in Paris covering the conferences and exhibition. They discuss in detail each of their visits to exhibitors as they spent most of their time on the show floor.

EuMW: Paris, Substance & Style,
Richard Mumford

EuMW: An American Perspective,
David Vye

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Microwaves in Europe: Upbeat During the Downturn?

The end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 saw the global recession take hold. This report considers the current state of the European RF and microwaves sector, how the EU is taking collective responsibility, the technological developments necessary to ...
The economic downturn has impacted governments, industries, companies (large and small) and individuals. The RF and microwaves industry is no exception and while its diversity means that some sectors have faired better than others, very few have remained unscathed. Unfortunately, for many companies the terms restructuring, rationalisation and cost...
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