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Nujira beats own world record for ET PA linearity

Nujira Ltd., the world’s leader in Envelope Tracking (ET) technology, will be presenting new performance results at the IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium (IMS) this week demonstrating that the company has bettered its own world record linearity mark for an RF Power Amplifier (PA) operating under ET conditions.

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Nujira selects LTX-Credence production testers

Nujira Ltd., the world’s leader in Envelope Tracking (ET) technology, has signed a partnership agreement with LTX-Credence Corp., a global provider of market focused, cost-optimized semiconductor test solutions. The agreement will see Nujira use the LTX-Credence Diamond10 tester for testing of its Coolteq.L High Accuracy Tracking ET modulator ICs ahead of full volume production later this year.

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Nujira samples low noise second-generation envelope tracking chip for smartphones

Nujira Ltd., the world leader in envelope tracking (ET) technology, has announced that is sampling its next generation ET IC for mobile handsets, the NCT-L1200, to lead partners. The second product in its Coolteq.L ET product family, Nujira’s NCT-L1200 has already been delivered to several key platform chipset vendors, and is the only product currently available on the market that supports the maximum 20MHz channel bandwidth of LTE.

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Nujira study reveals mobile network performance limited by handset transmitters

Nujira Ltd. has released the results of an operator-focused study carried out by RTT and Caru Ventures on behalf of Nujira to understand the network performance challenges faced by operators. Crucially the study found that LTE network performance is currently limited by handset transmit performance - reducing network coverage by as much as 32 percent, requiring operators to install 45 percent more base station sites.

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Nujira to Contribute to MIPI Envelope Tracking Subgroup

Nujira has become a Contributor Member in the newly formed Envelope Tracking Subgroup of the MIPI® Alliance Analog Control Interface Working Group. The Subgroup will focus on developing MIPI Specifications that facilitate wider adoption of this energy saving technology in smartphones and other mobile devices. The Envelope Tracking Subgroup...
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